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Travel Diaries: L.A. ✈️❤️🎡🏖🌇

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“There’s nothing selfish about self love” ❤️ When we travel the world, we experience first hand different cultures, lifestyles and those experiences in turn shape our perspective, our understanding and our acceptance of others. It brings such peace and serenity to my soul to travel and experience a new city, visit an old friend or even just explore a favorite destination. When I posted about my travels in an earlier blog + readers found out I was going to LA solo, a few people reached out with concern for Chris + I’s marriage. 😂 A little dramatic but appreciate the concern. (Also - Spoiler Alert: I still love that man more than all the WiFi, pizza + cupcakes in the world 🌎 safe to say “we good.”) I have to admit that traveling alone can be selfish but it can also be extremely therapeutic for your soul and mental clarity. One of the many bits of wisdom passed to us before we got married was to take a minimum of 4x trips a year: a trip together just the two of you, a trip apart, a trip with kids/family vacation (if applicable) + a group trip with close friends. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Traveling is such a staple part of my lifestyle. My family and friends tease me knowing that if I stay in one place too long the travel bug will bite me and I’ll be off on my next Southwest Flight somewhere. ✈️✌🏾 This is the first trip we’ve done apart and although I missed him, it’s a refreshing feeling. The last time I was this anxious and excited to see him was right before our wedding. Mainly because, Chris and I rarely spend nights apart so being separated for three nights and two days, I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about seeing him again. (Yes, after nearly five years, he still gives me butterflies - I’m taking about high-school, sweaty palms, knees-weak, butterflies. 🦋) I am so grateful he is completely understanding and trusting of me traveling alone to visit girlfriends. I guess it’s true what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. ❤️


Marriage Tip Advice: Honestly, if you’re going to implement this into your marriage it’s important to have boundaries or a general set of rules in place that keep you from setting unhealthy habits within our relationships of traveling apart too often. For example: When traveling, we never spend more than three nights apart. This isn’t meant to be a controlling, possessive mantra but rather a guideline to keep us from spending too much time apart. You want to miss each other, not miss experiencing things with each other. For this adventure, I chose to go to L.A. Los Angeles has always been one of my favorite cities in the world. The greenery, city line, mountain scape and beach air have a way of taken over your soul and relieving you of all life’s stresses. {except when you’re sitting on the 405 in traffic 😂} One of my best friends also lives in LA, right in the middle of WeHo (West Hollywood) making it super convenient to explore the city! In the Exploring LaLaLand blog (posting later this week) you can read all about where I went 🚗 , what I did 💁🏾‍♀️!


Overall, it was a relaxing trip and I enjoyed getting out of the hustle + bustle of Dallas, away from the cold. Again, I can’t stress enough, traveling is like chicken soup 🍲 for the soul ❤️. I’m already looking forward to our next adventure, traveling to Denver in May. ✈️ If you’re looking for cheap flights, look at sites like CheapDFW , sign up for airline newsletters (like Southwest ) and search for flights on Tuesday’s - this is typically when they go on sale.

I would love to know your thoughts on traveling alone (whether you are married or single), your favorite travel destinations and travel tips. Drop a comment below. 👇🏾

Take care + subscribe to follow along our upcoming adventure(s)😘



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