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Last Saturday, Marjorie of OhMyMarr and I went to lunch and OH. 👏🏾 MY. 👏🏾 HEAVENS. 👏🏾 We went over to Watter's Creek and visited one of the most chic wine bars with both indoor and outdoor seating. Let me also mention, Crú Food & Wine Bar has reasonably priced rotating Wine Flights, an impressive menu that is sure to entice any palette and a cozy, intimate atmosphere making it perfect Date Night, Girl’s Night Out or even a business lunch!

Chef Jordan whipped us up Goat Cheese Beignets that sat upon a chocolate ganache, had a fresh strawberry compote, honey drizzle with whipped cream and a dash of cracked pepper. As soon as I had my first bite, I shamelessly invited him to come live with my husband and I. The goat cheese was rich but well balanced with the fresh fruit and honey.

Next up was the Crab Avocado Bruschetta which has jumbo blue crab, roasted corn, fontina and Campari tomatoes for a light, creamy but flavor filled bite EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

For all of the avocado lovers, RUN. Do not walk. And thank us later. This is a dish you don't want to miss.

{disclaimer: I am allergic to seafood BUT Marr absolutely LOVED it and from the expression on her face, I's say – "it’s like heaven in your mouth!"}

For my main entree I opted for the Salsiccia pizza 🍕 Have you ever had a meal that makes you want to dance in your seat? This did that for me. 💃🏽IT. WAS. EVERYTHING.

Fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, and Italian sausage topped with fresh basil. The perfect stone fired crust was delicately balanced with the spicy Italian sausage and fresh herb. To say it hit the spot, would be a MAJOR understatement. 😋

For dessert, we topped off an exquisite experience with the Meyer Lemon Marscapone Budino and Molten Lava cake topped with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, mint and powdered sugar. Did I mention I shamelessly begged Chef Jordan to move in with my husband and I? Because after the first bite, it happened again.

The cake is so light (like mousse) as it is made with half polenta and half flour for a healthier, flavorful dessert. It literally felt like I was eating air. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, chocolate drizzle poured out of the middle. It was magical.

The Meyer Lemon Mascarpone Budino was so refreshing! The fresh blueberries complimented the sweet Meyer Lemon taste and came in the cutest little mason jar.

Be sure to visit one of Crú's upcoming events for a great night out with your girls or a romantic date night. Find a location near you and see other delicious menu items here!

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