5 Netflix Shows Worth Binge Watching!

New Year, New You? Although you may have resolutions to become more active, eat healthier and party less; don't forget to include your Netflix queue in that revamp as well. Whether you like thrillers, comedy, reality or drama - there's a show on the list for you!

Here are my top 5 binge worthy recommendations:


You follows the story of a young millennial male, Joe (played by Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl), who falls for a beautiful graduate student, Guinevere Beck, at first sight quickly turns into an obsession using every resource possible to get closer to her. From every angle - the acting production, chemistry, you will easily be sucked in and this will be your next favorite thriller/drama.

10 episodes/45 minutes

Tidying Up with Mary Kondo

Marie Kondo is famous for her KonMarie method of removing clutter to bring joy and happiness into your daily lives. Tidying up with Marie Kondo is a reality TV show that gives us a cross between Super Nanny + Iyanla: Fix My Life. While traveling around the U.S., the series follows Marie Kondo as she helps families of all sizes detoxify their lives and their relationships starting with home base. *Fun Fact: I first learned of the Kon Marie method years ago and it has really helped me become more organized in my personal and professional life.

8 episodes/35-40 minutes

Friends from College (Season 2)

What happens when your closest group of friends from college all reunite in the same city? Find out in the hilarious dramedy that follows the lives of six Harvard graduates who are now in their late thirties trying to balance their former flings, college nostalgia and learning that life doesn't always get easier with age. If you haven't watched the first season, lucky for you, there will be TWO seasons to binge watch!

*Starts streaming Jan 11th!

Most likely 8 episodes/30-35 minutes

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror has a reputation for being trippy and nothing less than a mindf*ck! This "season" is has surpassed all expectations and has blurred the lines between video games and film. In the 90 minute interactive film, you are given full control and allowed to go into the mind of a young programmer. When faced with a variety of sceanrios, are you able to survive while navigating through reality bending tales with multiple endings?

*Semi-spoiler alert: There are 5 main endings, if you want to try to get them all.

7 Days Out: World's Biggest Events

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes leading up to some of the world's biggest events in the Fashion, Sports and Culinary industries and more? Check out the 4 episode series that takes a look at the seven days before events like the Chanel Haute Couture Fashion show and just how tidious it is to to execute a jaw dropping soiree.

*Semi-spoiler alert: There are 5 main endings, if you want to try to get them all.

4 episodes/45-50 minutes

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