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A Little Slice of Heaven at Haywire

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Lately things have been crazy busy (seems to be the new normal) in the Heake Household. Our vlog has been taking off, we’ve both ween working our full time jobs (while Chris goes to school) AND of course, bringing you great blog content in the meantime. Needless to say, Sunday night, we had a MUCH-needed date night that wound up truly exceeded our expectations and making for the perfect evening. 💕


We decided to go to Haywire in Legacy West - an upscale, “simple, yet sophisticated” restaurant with a Farm to Table scratch kitchen.😋 One of the things that we noticed instantly when we arrived was the ambiance, it was nothing sort of warm and welcoming. You know when you meet someone for the first time but you just click and it’s just a super comfortable vibe? That’s what walking into Haywire was like for us! The décor was absolutely to die for and the dim lighting gave it a romantic-homey vibe where you could easily have date night or do an intimate celebratory dinner (30th birthday, Bachelorette Dinner, etc).😉

With three levels and staple dishes that have a “Texas Twist”, this is truly a spot for everyone. The first floor is a Whiskey Bar with over 150+ different whiskeys. 🥃 This area is perfect for a guy’s night out, grabbing a drink before dinner while waiting for your table or even meeting for a quick post work date. 💕

As you walk up the steps (or take the elevator) to the second floor, you approach the most gorgeous wine cellar where Haywire can bring in and store wine for your occasion. (This won HUGE points with me! When we were looking for dinner places for our rehearsal dinner, very few places were able to accommodate this request.) The second level also houses a bakery 🥧 , the kitchen where you can request to sit at the “Chef’s Table” 👩🏽‍🍳 and watch your meal be prepared and a gorgeous view that overlooks the Box Garden at Legacy Hall. The “Chef’s Table” does fill up quick so they do recommend calling abut 2-3 weeks in advance for reservations, but you can also request when walking in as well.

The third and final level is an ADDITIONAL rooftop with two views, one overlooking the Box Garden (see picture below) and another facing West. There is also a cigar bar, a covered section with patio furniture and a flat screen. When we saw this section, all Chris kept talking about was how great of a spot this would be for a guy’s night – whiskey, cigars, flat screens – SOLD! 👏🏾


The Menu

As we sat down and started the evening, we opted for two of their specialty cocktails - the Front Porch Swing and the Haywire , their spin on an Old Fashioned. The Front Porch Swing has a light, refreshing taste with hints of grapefruit and a smooth touch of mint. The Haywire has a smoky, yet refined flavor with a spicy aftertaste for the perfect fall patio beverage.

For starters, we shared the Texas Meat & Cheese Board. Two words.. MUST HAVE! 🤤 It comes with three meats, three cheeses, pickled vegetables, local honeycomb from Fort Worth, in-house candied pecans and granny smith apples. 🍏

Our meats were Tasso Ham, Jalapeno Cheddar Venison Sausage and Regular Venison Sausage. It was paired with Pepper Jack, Van Sorman and Ash Glute Cheese, apple butter, peach jam and our vegetables were carrots, pickles, onions and okra. When I say, Jesus himself was in the kitchen, y’all! The Venison was moist and flavorful and the Van Sorman cheese was my absolute favorite!

With dishes like a Wagyu and Bacon Meatloaf, Chicken Fried Steak with Jalapeno Sausage Gravy and Smoked Fried Chicken, fried to order - we knew choosing entrees was going to be a toughie. (Check out their menu here.) We asked the staff for recommendations and decided to try the Wagyu Burger 🍔 and the Texas Redfish, a 6-7oz filet with asparagus upon a vinaigrette, garnished with pickled Fresno peppers and an arugula crab salad on top. I said it once, but I will say it again, Jesus himself was in the kitchen, y’all! Not one dash of salt or pepper was needed throughout the entire evening – the food was perfectly seasoned, cooked, and plated. Truly one of the BEST experiences we have had dining out in Dallas in the 5 years we have been together.

And because, thick thighs save lives, y’all know we had to opt for dessert..

This was truly one of those.. "Save the Best for Last" moments.

They have the most DELICIOUS 9-inch, 3-lb Pecan Pie with crust made from in-house cinnamon rolls! Whether you are going to your parents, your in-laws, it's the first time meeting your S.O. (significant other's) family, or you are just going to sit at home by yourself, you are going to want to place an order for this beauty for Thanksgiving ASAP!

Honestly, we don't say this too often but we definitely give Haywire a 10/10 across the board. We hope that you pay a visit to Haywire soon and promise you will not be disappointed! Be sure to let them know we sent you.


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