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Hey housemates,

It’s been a few months since we’ve done a life update on the blog. For those of you that are new, life updates are an update on what’s going on in the Heake household. 🏡


A few months back, we had a leak in the kitchen and a few days later, our water heater busted. Since then, we’ve been working with contractors to replace faulty valves + repair damages. Since our kitchen cabinets, counters and floors needed repairs we decided to do a full remodel. Over the last twelve weeks, we interviewed contractors and waiting on bids/insurance approved, picked out new flooring, cabinetry, and flooring and started the remodel. With COVID it has been a long process but overall, a blessing in disguise. We will be keeping you posted on the outcome! Have you done a remodel? Do you have any tips or tricks for us?


Last month, I launched a Marketing + Event Coordination Company specializing in Social Media Management and Promotional Events. We almost have a full client roster and have been staying busy! Chris is considered an essential worker so he has been working almost nonstop since March and juggling school in the process. Thankfully, it’s all online. He has about a year left for his IT degree and then he’ll be done! Are you in school or have you been working during the past few months? How have you been juggling the pandemic and the social climate over the past few months?


Chris and I’s birthdays are around this time of year and we have been brainstorming creative ways to celebrate. With COVID still rampant in Dallas, there's not too much we can do to celebrate without putting ourselves in a high-risk situation. (Even the hotel we're staying at during the remodel has the restaurant and bar closed.) However, we do want to do something and have been floating around a few ideas. We’re also open to suggestions! When is your birthday? Have you celebrated any birthdays (including your own) during quarantine? How did you celebrate?


Honestly, besides the fact that this GIF summarizes my whole mood I got nothing for you. 😂 We haven’t been working out or even attempting to stay active. I feel like I started with a cheat day which turned into a cheat quarter. 👀 I hope by the next life update, we’re back to sticking with a health and fitness regimen. Do you have any tips and tricks to staying consistent?

We'd love to hear about what's going on in your life. Send us an email or leave us a comment below!

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