Stuck in a Rut

So... can you believe it is already the middle of April, Easter has flown by and summer is around the corner?! 😳 Where has time gone? 🤔 It seemed like just yesterday we were celebrating New Year's Eve and thinking about new years resolution and then *blink* we're 6 weeks from Memorial Day, 12 weeks from 4th of July and Chris and I have been married almost six months. 🙈☺️💍

After getting married, I started a new job and we’ve slowly started renovating the condo and making it our own. Naturally, adjusting to work, being newlyweds, and renovating, I left little to no time for blogging and regardless of how self aware I was, I did not hold myself accountable. Sometimes life goes by so quickly and we get stuck in a rut of business that it becomes hard to take time and reflect on all that we accomplished.

(For example, I am almost embarrassed to say..) Last month, the blog had it's one year anniversary. 😳🎉🎊 As we look back on the past year, how quickly it has flown by and all that we learned, we are so grateful. Throughout that time, we have been able to meet so many amazing Dallasites, business owners, bloggers and have been so encouraged and motivated by your support and interaction. In hindsight, I wish I had made a bigger deal of the milestone and had a happy hour but I have made a commitment to myself and my wonderful readers, that for our 2nd anniversary - WE WILL CELEBRATE!🎈🍰🍾

To get out of the rut and back into the normal grind of things, I am leaving tonight to spend a few days in California visiting my best friend, Kelsey! (Literally, editing + proofing in the airport) It will a great refresh/recharge - spiritually and mentally - to get out of the city and enjoy some time with one of my most favorite humans on the planet. The only downside is it's my first trip away from Chris since we've been married! (Of course we've both been complete babies about it dreading spending 3 nights apart but like they say, "absence makes the heart grow fonder".)

While in LA, I plan on going to my favorite bakeries, restaraunts + more! What are some your favorite LA spots? I’d love to know! Share in the comments below + make sure you follow along for all the fun in LA via Facebook + Instagram ❤️



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