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It’s time to shake off the weekend, grab some coffee ☕️ + get on the grind! 👏🏾 In all honesty, I’ve always hated Monday’s + the mornings but after making a point to wake up each morning and have some coffee + meditation time, my perspective is starting to change..

I honestly don’t think we hate Monday’s but we dread what lies ahead. We all assume the it’s going to be a bad day.. a million emails will be awaiting our arrival, our co-workers will be in pissed off moods + traffic will be a nightmare - because hey, it’s Monday right?

But what if we decided to surround ourselves with positivity and become more intentional about making everyday the best they can be? No one wants to be around a negative Nancy, especially in the work setting.

Here are 3 Social Media Accounts/Blogs/Podcasts that promotes maintaining a positive mental health space.

1. Positively Present

Launched in 2009, Positively Present is ran by Dani DiPirro (author, blogger, and designer) and was created to help others gain insight on how to live in the now while focusing on the positive in every situation. Dani also focuses on a lot of subjects others shy away from - depression, substance abuse, body image disorders. With social media posts like the ones below, following Positive Present on their social media channels will give you that extra reminder that you are loved and worthy of great things.

2. Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin

After working for Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, writing books and hosting numerous speaking engagements including TedxTalks, Gretchen Rubin started a podcast discussing "good habits and happiness with her sister Elizabeth Craft." Whether teaching others how to think outside the box to break self sabotaging habits or sharing travel hacks to reduce stress when vacationing, the Happier Podcast shares tools to promote a peaceful lifestyle.

3. Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt

Formerly known as, This is Your Life Podcast, Lead to Win covers everything from being a positive leader in the business and personal realms of life to engineering your mind to get yourself our of your own way and set yourself up for success. With over 15 million downloads, these weekly podcasts are easy to consume on your lunch break or commute home.

We hope these pages help put you in a positive headspace and encourage you to live your best life. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and let’s make it a great week!

Oh and don't forget - Let us know what you think of the pages mentioned. We love hearing from you all.😘


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