October’s Ultimate Netflix Binge List 🍿🎥

So Fall is here and as much I would love to talk long walks in the part while the leaves are changing the last few day and the next few weeks in Dallas are supposed to be the bane of my existence: WET. COLD. & RAINY. Lucky for you, it's given me the chance to binge watch quite a few shows.. Check out my top 4 binge worthy shows Netflix has to offer:

Salt Fat Acid Heat

In this four part Netflix original, Samin Nosrat travels internationally to illustrate and enlighten us on how these simple elements defund our everyday cuisine while showcasing her passion and zest for knowledge of other cultures. Each episode is about 45min or less and will give you a total Anthony Bourdain (RIP 😭) meets Barefoot Contessa vibes.

Dancing Queen

What sucked me into this docu-series about Justin Johnson a gay drag queen better known by her stage name, Alyssa Edwards was the show is filmed just a mere 20 - 30 minutes from Chris and I’s home in Dallas. 😂 Everyone describes the show as Ru Paul meets Dance Moms 💃🏽 because that is in fact exactly what it is. Alyssa Edwards from Ru Paul’s Drag Series runs a dance studio in Mesquite, TX where Justin Johnson is the H.B.I.C. With the challenge of making next level dancers the elite of the elite, being a one woman traveling show and having good ol family drama, this is an easy binge!

Jack Whitehall: Travels with Father

Three words: Hilarious. Real. Relatable. If you love history and comedy, you’ve hit the jackpot! All while having the trip of a lifetime to share intimate moments while bonding through humor, history and their love of travel. British comedian, Jack Whitehall and his father Michael, travel the world in this endearing and oddly inspiring Netflix original series.


Jonah Hill and Emma Stone give jaw dropping performances in this amazingly written, incredibly produced limited series on Netflix. If you could keep up with complex movies similar to Inception, this is the show for you. In this sci-fi romance, when both find themselves apart of a study for a pharmaceutical drug trial 💊 , they quickly realize they must discover what could be reality or a series of hallucinations and make sense of consequences that lie with each.

Hope you enjoy! Be sure to let us know what you think!

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