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Pregnancy Update: The First Trimester

Chris and I are over the moon and still can't believe we’re having a baby! Thank you so much for all the love and thoughtful messages you’ve sent our way. Now that we've spilled the beans, I wanted to share my first-trimester recap on the blog.

How we found out? It 2:00 am and I packing for a trip to Los Angeles to see my sister for a week when I found out that was pregnant. All week I had been complaining to Chris that my body "just felt off" and I was having a lot of pain in my breasts. I was freaking out I had some terminal illness and he, of course, reassured me I was overreacting and asked, "Are you sure you're not pregnant?" Initially, I laughed it off and it wasn't until a few hours later (while packing) that it dawned on me, the possibility did exist. I took a Clearblue Digital Test and... surprise, it was positive! Chris has fallen asleep but you know me, I jumped on the bed and said word for word "OMG! Babe, wake up! We're pregnant! OMG! We're having a freaking baby!"

How was the first trimester? Overall, I have to say the first trimester was a breeze compared to horror stories I have read and been told. We initially found out we were expecting around 6 weeks which is fairly early and in those first two weeks, I experience morning sickness. Thankfully, we quickly figured out that it was being triggered more from my acid reflux than from being pregnant.

Because we found out on the early end, waiting for a doctor's appointment (they won't see you until 10 to 12 weeks) seemed like forever. All we wanted to do was hear our baby's heartbeat and confirm that they were healthy and everything looked good. It's been a long road to get to this keeping it a secret from our family and friends was one of the hardest things we have had to do. We decided to tell them the week before our first doctor appointment and naturally, everyone has been excited and happy for us.

We also checked our medical coverage, started researching pediatricians, found an amazing doula, childbirth classes, and started reviewing additional resources for new moms that were recommended by friends and family (Mommy & Me groups, Breastfeeding classes, etc.).

Cravings: I craved ham sandwiches and extremely fresh foods like pico de gallo, greek salads, wedge salads, fruits, and veggies.

That's it for now, stay tuned for the second-trimester update. Got questions for us? Comment and let us know below!


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