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Pregnancy Update: The Second Trimester

I can not believe it has been a year since I have written. If I can be honest, the second trimester of my pregnancy took me out and it took quite a while to get back into the groove of things.

My energy level was just "meh". I honestly feel like I slept near 85% percent of those thirteen weeks. Getting up to shower and get dressed felt like a marathon and the thought of going out was absolutely dreadful. Thankfully, since my second trimester fell around the holiday months, I was able to spend most of it in leggings or sweats and in the house.

We did experience some amazing moments - we felt the baby move; found out we were having a girl; and building our baby registry on Amazon and Target.

Overall, I was thankful to not be experiencing any crazy pregnancy symptoms (throwing up at the sight/smell of food, insomnia, dry skin/acne, etc.) and that our little girl was growing healthy and measuring on track.

Second Trimester Cravings: Dickey's ham sandwiches, Mediterranean food, salads, citrus fruits, and veggies.


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