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"I'm fine, I'm just tired.." It seems that this has become my new life mantra. Although, event management and marketing is my forte, time management has never been my greatest skill. Over the last few years, I have made leaps and bounds but working full time, being enrolled as a full time grad student, planning a wedding, and co-founding a non-profit all while starting a blog leaves a sliver of time equivalent to a needle in a haystack for myself and our relationship. I always tell myself "I'll do better, next week we'll set aside a night unplugged (no cellphones, no TV) for date night".

Of course, the next week rolls around, rather quickly, and the ever familiar feeling follows. My eyes are heavy, body is exhausted. I look to the clock and realize it's 2:13 a.m. but how? It feels like a brief hour ago I walked out of work ran home took the dog out and sit down. In hindsight, after we prepped and cooked dinner, I finished homework and finalized wedding details time had slipped away, yet again, faster than what felt like a wave putting new sand ashore on the beach. Another night I feel stressed and overwhelmed, another night I feel like I have too much on my plate, another night with little to no sleep.

But then it hit me.. this is another night I get to spend putting energy into such a beautiful once in a lifetime event. As I took a moment to reflect I realized, not everyone is blessed to find their soulmate, not everyone has the opportunity to share their life with someone who understands their quirks and brushes off their annoying nuances.

It was all in perspective. Whether going to school, planning a wedding, or trying to advance in your career everything is a journey. No one graduates, plans a wedding or becomes a CEO overnight. Even Mark Zuckerberg started in a dorm room at Harvard and overtime built a multi billion company over time and it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows. As the movie, The Social Network highlighted the journey came with the loss of old relationships and the blossoming of new ones.

This is a season. A short window of time God blessed me with to prepare me for my future role as a wife, a best friend and hopefully one day, a mother. Sometimes in the midst of things it's easy to look up, tired and exhausted, and take for granted the small blessings of life. No matter what season in life you are in I encourage you to embrace the long nights, the stressful moments, the laughter, the fear and the rollercoaster of the journey that comes along the way. Life is much more beautiful when we stop and enjoy the little moments that make the bigger picture seem much more magical.

Thanks for Hanging with the Heake's! May your day be blessed, productive and filled with positive vibes.




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