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After a beautiful but large wedding with about 400 guests, Chris and I needed some rest and relaxation while enjoying each other's company..

So close your eyes and just imagine this tropical, sunny fantasy land ☀️🏝 where time is a four letter word and the sound of the ocean surrounds you at every glimpse. Now imagine waking up there seven days in a row with the love of your life, enjoying the beach every day, sitting under the clearest of stars occasionally dancing to some 1950s jazz with wine in your hand and the cool breeze. This was literally our honeymoon. ❤️

From the moment we stepped off the plane, the fresh, crisp beach air filled overtook our senses and everything in sight was an absolute dream come true. The weather was a warm but breezy 83 degrees the majority of the trip and the water was just breathtaking. Sunsets literally looked like a painting or a desktop screensaver of an ungoogleable location. It’s in places like this that there is no doubt in my mind God is real. Only a supernatural force could create something this beautiful.

The taxi ride 🚕 was about 15-20 minutes from the airport to the hotel and ran about $35 for both Chris & I with tip which was truly not bad at all. The drive took us through the local areas passing the nearby high school and markets. It was nice to be able to see some of the local spots before getting too "touristy" by the beach.

When we arrived to the hotel and walked to the beach we were met with the most breathtaking of sights.

Yep I told you, this place was a dream. The clear water surrounds you as you swim out to sea and with a low tide a naturally low area, we were able to walk/swim out at least 15-20 feet in 4ft crystal clear water.

The fish would swim around you and jump up like you were in a Disney movie, sea turtles were out and about and we even saw Pelicans (the islands national bird) soar around, dip down, and devour their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Turks & Caicos has the this largest Great Reef Barrier in the world? In the winter, divers are even able to catch glimpses of migrating humpback whales!

Most mornings we walked into town to visit our favorite shops. LMN2Go Coffee was one of our absolute favorites. We were greeted by a French barista named Mike, literally one of the nicest gentleman on the island, who recommended that we try a fresh ginger lemonade. Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of ginger so I opted for an Iced Vanilla Coffee [keeping it basic] and in all my years of working at Starbucks, drinking 8 cups of coffee a day for the last 3 years and all the travel I have ever done, I have never had a better tasting cup of coffee. It was so good, it convinced me to try the fresh ginger lemonade because I figured anything concocted in this heaven on earth of a coffee shop must of come from the hands of God himself. Within the first sip, I wanted to pass out from pure bliss. No tang, no tart, no sugary powder taste, just good, refreshing lemonade with a hint of ginger that I could barely taste. Instantly I knew I had to share this secret haven with you guys.

Our local tour guide Obi, hooked us up with the best excursions the island had to offer. From snorkeling to deep sea fishing, diving and day cruises, he was able to direct us to everything that was available for the duration of our stay. Our absolute favorite was horseback riding on the beach in the morning through Unique Tours and Rentals. [Leave it to us Texans to find horseback riding anywhere] Samauri and Marco were our horses and they were as sweet as could be. Marco definitely gave me a run for my money, testing to see if I was paying attention and could keep him in line but it definitely made the ride, enjoyable and slightly hilarious.

We went to Turtle Bay and were able to take the horses out in the water, circling around the bay and riding for an hour up and down the beach. Because the tides are low and the water is shallow, you could go out quite some ways with your feet submerged and the horse about halfway in the water. It was truly one of the most unforgettable, once in a lifetime experiences.

Aside from lounging around, enjoying some rest and relaxation and making the most of our time together, Chris had a few surprises up his sleeves. One was a beachside dinner set up by Bay Bistro located next to the Sibonne hotel.

Sibonne is a cute boutique hotel, with the best prices on the island. Although non inclusive, Bay Bistro is on the property and has one of the best chefs on the island. Breakfast will run you about $15-30/per person, lunch about the same and dinner closer to $45-65 per person depending on drinks, apps, etc.

I ordered a Grilled Tenderloin of Beef atop mashed potatoes, spinach, seasonal sautéed vegetables and salsa verde port wine reduction garnished with fresh parsley. [Literally watched them pick and cut the parsley that morning]. Chris had an oven roasted chicken served with garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetable and a white wine au jus.

The service was exception. Staff was courteous and friendly, although we had reservations this night, the other night we ate at Bay Bistro in Providenciales, there was little to no rush despite it being one of the most popular restaurants on the island.

Reservations for private diners can be made online prior to arriving. For more information, click here.

Overall, our trip was nothing short of a success. The people were amazing, the island vibe was perfection and finding the cutest shops and Instagram worthy photo ops around the island made each day an adventure.

Whether traveling with a friend, significant other, or family, Turks and Caicos is highly recommended by the Heake's for a relaxing and enjoyable getaway.

We hope you enjoyed traveling along with us and hope you subscribe to see our next adventure.

Au Revior for now! xx

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