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Los Angeles is a city filled with adventure, unique opportunities and at least one “damn good” restaurant on every corner. The breezy, beach air and just all out relaxing vibes makes the city of Angels one of my favorites. I've always had a connect to California and LA in particular but since my best friend moved a few years back, it's basically become my second home. (Note: ​​I was only in the city this time for less than 72 hours but I definitely made the most of my trip.)

Whether you are taking a solo trip, girls trip, family vacation or romantic getaway, the city is the perfect destination. You can use AirBnB to find a private room or rental a home at a location convent to the sites you want to visit.

When flying into L.A., I recommend flying Southwest - they have reasonably priced tickets, typically have excellent customer service and when you land it’s terminal one making it easy for your ride/transportation service to pop in + out to pick you up + drop you off.

Renting a car is recommended if you won't be in a high traffic area or you can choose to do "Uber Pool Express". This allows you to share a ride with someone going in the same direction and split the costs. A trip from Fat Sal's to the SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) is about 5-7 miles and costs me less than $3. Yes - you read that correctly.

My first stop once I get to L.A. is the world famous Pink’s Hot Dogs 🌭 that lives up to its reputation ERRY. SINGLE. TIME. 👏🏾😋 With several locations around the city, we always opt to go to the original spot in WeHo off Melrose. As soon as you drive up, the grease from the grilled onion, peppers and mushrooms fill your nose and you can almost taste the chili on the tip of your tongue 👅 as the valet comes to greet you. {Yes, the ledgendary hot dog stand has valet. This issss LA after all.}

The service is pretty quick and honestly, they exceed my expectations every time I go.Within 5-10 minutes you are typically in and out of line with your order placed. No matter how many people are in line, they can remember everyone’s order without writing anything down and I have never seen them make a mistake. INSANE. 😱

Pictured is the Philly Cheesesteak Dog. A juicy hot dog topped with skirt steak, grilled red and green bell peppers, onions and mushrooms atop provolone and american cheese.

​​My go to dessert spot in Los Angeles is MILK. They satisfy my sweet cravings EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Located off Poinsettia and Beverly, this unique Ice Cream shops mixes your favorite flavors and childhood desserts to deliver one of the greatest concoctions we have stumble upon thus far.

When Kelsey and I got to MILK, they have cookies, ice cream, cake and milkshakes ready to order. You could also pre-order or create an ice cream sandwich. Need I say more?

We opted to split one of their signature flavors the Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream Mac - Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream sandwiched between a flavored macroon of your choice. Absolutely worth EVERY CALORIE!

Finally, I can not touch down in LA without going to the beach. Whether Venice, Santa Monica, driving out to Malibu - getting out by the coast and absorbing the fresh air, listening to the waves crash on the shore and the laughter and music of people on the boardwalk is an absolute must. It's part of what makes California so beautiful, vibrant and magic. This time, Kelsey and I decided to drive down to Venice beach and check out the boardwalk. We walked up and down for about an hour, listened to the street music, went out to the ocean and just caught up on life. It was the perfect girls time!

Overall, I would recommend everyone take a trip out to Los Angeles at least once in their lifetime and when you do don't forget to let us know! Until then, stay tuned for our next adventure.



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