Travel Diaries: Our Latest Trip to L.A.

Last weekend, we went to Los Angeles for a quick getaway and to celebrate Valentine's Day. It also happened to be Christopher's first trip to California and to say we had a blast would be an absolute understatement.

We landed Friday morning after an early 6 AM Southwest flight which worked out perfectly because it was about 7 AM L.A. time allowing us to watch the sunrise over California. Not to mention, when we landed it gave us a few hours to nap and recharge before getting started with our day. We stayed in West Hollywood at an AirBnB that wasn't exactly what I expected but worked out well nonetheless. It worked out to be either walking distance or a short Uber/Lyft from where we were wanting to go. Once we napped for a few hours, we were HANGRY and ready to get food. I was super excited because our first stop Fat Sal's which makes me drool anytime I even THINK about it.

Chris and I opted for the Fat Buffalo which had chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, melted cheddar fries, buffalo hot sauce and blue cheese dressing on a freshly toasted garlic hero. Afterwards, we walked around the WeHo (West Hollywood) area and admired the street art around the city.

That evening, we headed to the Griffith Observatory. Oddly enough, as much time as I have spent in Los Angeles, I had never been and afterward, I was glad I made time to go. It was beautiful. Although it was packed, we managed to get parking in the Observatory lot which spared us about a half mile or so of walking which was nice and strolled right in (it's free and open to the public). We walked around the space portion of the Observatory and made our way to the roof where we overlooked the city and admired how the city lit up at night.

The next morning we spent some quality time hiking and cruising through the Hollywood Hills and then went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Chris loves the band Queen so we went and found their star, grabbed a coffee and watched them set up for the Oscar's which would be the following day.

The weather was absolutely beautiful throughout the weekend. During the day it was in the 60s and at night it got a bit chilly and dipped down into the high 40s. We took full advantage and around noon Saturday, we met up with one of my closest friends, Kelsey, who just lives a few blocked away. The three of us went on a Saturday stroll through Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Brentwood and headed down PCH to Venice where we enjoyed a rooftop lunch. Shortly after, we trekked back up Santa Monica Pier to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Saturday evening, we went back to Kelsey's and enjoyed Pink's for dinner while watching a movie and continuing to catch up on the latest.

California will always have my heart, Los Angeles in particular and this trip captured Christopher's as well. We highly recommend making a trip out there the next chance you get. It's relaxing, there are tons of free events and activities and you can typically find tickets for around $100-$125/RT from Dallas. Hopefully one day soon, we will be back to enjoy life on the West Coast but until then, leave the light on for us Cali.

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