Catching Up

Once again, sorry for the radio silence guys. The past month has been insanely hectic resulting in the craziest spiritual journey and time of personal growth. It all started at the beginning of February I was laid off as my company had budget cuts. Honestly, I wasn’t too worried being that we had a few months savings aside, just filed our taxes and I had been getting mentally exhausted and ready for a change at work.

While I started thinking about what I wanted next, I decided to focus on plans for the blog, getting mentally recharged + trusting God through the process. I always knew and firmly believe God is always in your corner, working for the good on your behalf. I simply prayed for peace, wisdom + discernment. God had brought me this far and he wasn’t about to fail me now.

Throughout those couple of weeks, I picked up a few social media clients. I got a facial, massage, did yoga 3x a week, and worked out. I had day dates and caught up with old friends, cooked Chris dinner almost every night and we had booked a trip to Los Angeles. I was a suburban housewife’s dream if you will. L.A. was a blast. Every year I go visit, at least 2-3 times and just escape the daily shuffle of Dallas. This year was the first time Chris was able to go and he had a blast. (Just check the blog post)

As soon as we got back, everything changed for the better. An acquaintance through Dallas Millennial Clubs posted about a potential job opportunity in a networking group we both belong to. I sent her my resume and after review, she thought I would be a perfect fit. She passed my information along to the CEO of the company and within a day, I had an interview. Within three days, I was the new Director of Marketing for a Real Estate Firm in Dallas. The position was not only an unforeseen promotion but everything I had been praying God to bless me with in terms of my next job opportunity.

With that being said, the last month has been an adjustment with a longer commute, moving around work out classes to fit my new schedule and trying to balance being an attentive spouse. I thank you all for your grace, patience, and support during this transitional season.

At the end of the day, I was reminded of a valuable lesson - God hasn't failed you before and he won't start now. Not only was this the first time in my faith I feel like I fully trusted and surrendered to God's plan throughout the chaos.

Before being laid off, I was getting burnt out. I was not fulfilled in the slightest at my job and wasn't feeling challenged. I truly believe God was testing me to see if I would rely on him and believe all the things I know he has made me - a strong worker, creative, able to cope with life's challenges. Things that would be attractive to those hiring. Or... Would I fall into the trap of self-doubt, fear, and shame allowing those stressors to affect my marriage and other areas of my life? To no surprise, just as the Bible has taught us when we trust him and lean on his understanding, he will bless us beyond belief and that's exactly what happened.

So I suppose, this is cheers to new beginnings and continuing to have faith over fear!

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