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2019 Year In Review

This year was one for the books! I got laid off, thought I found my dream job, quickly realized it wasn’t which led to me starting a new chapter working for + investing in myself. I started a Girls Night Out Initiative with a mission to give back to the community while creating a safe space for women. I failed at some and succeeded at many. I turned 30, laughed a lot, cried a ton, met so many amazing people, learned so much about myself and took two girls trips to Austin + Oklahoma. Chris + I traveled to LA (twice), Dominican Republic, celebrated our two year anniversary + intentionally spent time together strengthening the foundation of our marriage (one of our 2019 goals). I reconnected with my Dads side of the family which challenged me to let go of a lot of past hurt and misunderstandings. I focused on my health + wellness and cut out toxic habits in my life. But most importantly, I grew. Spiritually, emotionally and professionally. As I look back on this year, I pray every lesson learned, every setback and step of progress, will sew the seed for continued growth + prosperity in 2020. Cheers to 2019 🎊


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